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Behavior-based automations

Engage your users at the perfect moment

Reach your users at key moments, from installing your app to their first login, so that you build a deeper relationship from day one.

Automated email sent after workout was complete. Pulled from app data.

Increase conversion rates and deepen user engagement

Our API let’s you identify behavioral data that’s important to your business, and then brings that data into Mailchimp. Whether your web or mobile app focuses on tracking fitness, managing finances, or sharing photos, we make it easy to connect with your users. Reach them at key moments, like after they sign up for an account or the first time they try a new feature. Then, send them a targeted message for those moments.

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Create upgrade moments

Increase your conversion rate with automated upgrade or upsell emails that reach users at just the right moment.

Bring users back

Send an email to your users when they’ve been away from your product for too long. Re-engage their initial spark with new features or product updates.

Build stronger relationships

Connect with users at relevant and timely moments in their exploration of your product. Help them stay engaged, complete actions, and see all the value you provide.

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  • Behavior-based marketing, or event-based marketing, is a marketing strategy that allows you to create highly personalized, engaging, and timely content. This type of marketing uses data gathered from user interactions with your brand, including website, app, or email and social media campaigns. Behavior-based marketing also leverages data from what users don’t do, like leaving your e-commerce site without making a purchase or abandoning their cart.

    Using behavioral marketing allows you to create personalized experiences for every user, which can ultimately increase engagement and sales. Behavior-based marketing can also be used to segment your audience based on actions and inactions. As a result, you can send specific audiences marketing messages that are relevant to their specific wants and deliver targeted content at the right time.

    If you want to make more informed and data-driven marketing campaigns, event-based marketing can be a valuable strategy to implement. And with Mailchimp, it’s easy to start creating marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors.

  • Behavior-based marketing automation allows you to automate event-based marketing campaigns. Our behavioral automation API works by identifying the most important consumer behaviors for your business. This way, you can engage with users at just the right time, even if you’re busy or off the clock. By connecting with users at timely intervals, you can ensure they stay interested in your brand and increase the likelihood of them taking an action, such as finalizing their purchase or signing up for your newsletter.

    Behavioral marketing can also help you regain the attention of your customers by reminding them of the products that initially piqued their interest. Here are a few other ways you can use behavioral automation:

    • Campaign engagement–Send automated emails when users interact (or don’t) with your campaigns.
    • Website engagement–Send users relevant and timely emails based on their behavior on your website.
    • Purchase behavior–Send appreciation emails, product recommendations, or special offers and discounts when contacts buy, browse, and add items to their carts.
    • App engagement–Send marketing campaigns based on user activity in your apps.
  • If you want to send automated behavioral marketing emails, you’ll first need to set up events, which are activities your contacts engage with and that you want to monitor. Events are typically activities that occur outside of your email campaigns. Enabling the Events API endpoint allows you to create event-based segments and event-triggered automated emails. If you’re not familiar with APIs, you can use a third-party integration to create custom events. Make sure that you have a Standard plan or higher before moving on to the next step.

    Once you have a few events you want to track, you can build an audience segment based on the available information. Do this by selecting New Segment under the Audience and All contacts tabs. Then choose Custom Engagement, select your desired event, and pick a segmenting option. This will enable you to create event-based marketing campaigns, including emails and ads.

Connect with your users at just the right time