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Landing Page Design Inspiration

Illustration of a bunch of animals and humans raising their hands

Mailchimp’s landing pages are a quick, effective (and completely free) way to boost list signups and get the word out about your company or products. They’ve helped our users increase their list growth rate by an average of 36%, and now it’s even easier to design professional-looking landing pages that can help you grow your list, too.

The next time you’re ready to create a landing page, you’ll find 3 beautiful new template options. We’ve designed each new template to put the versatility of landing pages on full display.


The Gardenhause template is full of design inspiration for e-commerce businesses that are looking to grow their list and increase sales. With this template, you can share customer testimonials, add beautiful product imagery, offer special discounts to new signups, and more.

Landing page with a background overlay, signup form, and logo grid that reads great deals are in our roots subscribe and get 15% off your first order


The Bandmates template can help you introduce people to your work. Maybe you’ve created a new networking opportunity for artists around the world. Or, maybe you’ve built the next must-have service, software, or mobile app and you’re looking for a way to get the word out. This template makes it easy to highlight the benefits of your new thing, whatever it might be, and encourage people to sign up for notifications when you’re ready to go live.

Landing page with a signup form that reads network with other musicians from anywhere in the world

Wild Country

The Wild Country template is perfect for companies that help people plan their next adventure—whether that's a relaxing beach getaway, a cooking class, a sporting event, or anything in between. Visitors can sign up to receive more information about the packages you offer or quickly request a quote on the experience of their dreams.

Landing page with a signup form that reads wild country tours

Each of these new templates includes a prominent signup form and is easily customizable, so even if they don’t align with your specific business or products right out of the box, you can quickly tailor them to fit your needs. Simply plug in your own copy and imagery, adjust the colors so they match your brand, add links to your social channels, and then drag and drop the content blocks to create your perfect landing page.

New design elements

Whether you use one of the new pre-designed templates or you decide to start from scratch, you’ll find that we’ve also added several new design elements for your landing pages.

  • Draw more attention to your call to action buttons with eye-catching drop shadows.
  • Replace hard edges—on your images or form fields, for example—with rounded corners.
  • Include background image overlays anywhere on your landing page.
Animated gif of two subscribe buttons showing different animations

And, since all of our landing templates are mobile optimized, they’ll always look great no matter what device folks are using to visit your page. Here's some landing page design tips to help get you started.

These new digital marketing templates are just the first step for us. We’re hard at work developing our next batch of pre-designed templates that showcase even more of the ways you can put landing pages to work for your business. Stay tuned!

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