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How Neuralab Used Automations to Define a New Brand

When Wow Junkie needed a first class e‑commerce platform, they turned to Neuralab to build an experience that would keep shoppers coming back.

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When Neuralab launched in Zagreb, Croatia in 2007, they had a simple mission: “make digital easy.”

Their ability to simplify the digital world for clients hinges on their in-depth expertise, which ranges from design to development. Although they began programming neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms, they now create e-commerce platforms for clients like HBO, TedX, Philips, and Procter & Gamble.

Building an e-commerce platform requires thinking about what both their clients and those clients’ customers need at every step of the online selling and buying process. And simplicity comes with marketing automations.

As they built a platform for Wow Junkie, a freshly launched high-end makeup company, they combined thoughtful design with effective automations to create an e-commerce experience that set the brand apart.

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A case study in automations: Neuralab and Wow Junkie

Beyond design of the platform and their brand elements, Neuralab worked to set Wow Junkie apart by creating a world-class online shopping experience. And that’s where automation came in.

Automation goes a long way in making digital marketing easy for Neuralab clients. Once they have these tools in place and the teams prepared to use them, the clients rarely need to give it another thought.

“Automations should give you ease of mind, so our goal was to build a messaging system that will communicate brand products and values with speed and reliability,” says Krešimir Končić. “We wanted a ‘setup-and-forget’ scenario. Our biggest concern and goal was to send relevant messaging.”

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The tools: Automations that tell shoppers what they need to know

Wow Junkie wanted to offer a shopping experience that people would come back to again and again. So Neuralab implemented a welcome automation and abandoned cart as an automatic extension of the brand’s ethos, communicating with customers in a way that’s thoughtful and effective.

Abandoned cart emails automatically remind shoppers to come back for items they were considering. And the welcome series tells new customers all about Wow Junkie and what they offer.

As an agency that also offers design and development, it’s important that the automations Neuralab puts in place for clients match the holistic e-commerce experience they create. Mailchimp lets them do that.

“Our team needs stable and powerful tools to accommodate all of our needed custom integrations and custom UX/UI interactions. Our designers need to be sure that the automations will do their part and that the whole customer experience will work seamlessly,” says Krešimir. “Mailchimp helps with that as we can style, design, and code all email templates to look and behave like we designed the root web e-commerce app.”

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The result: Less work, more sales, and an award-winning platform

Why do these automations matter?

  • They eliminate work that would be redundant if done manually.
  • They tell customers what they need to know.
  • They help Wow Junkie sell more products.
  • They make customers feel valued with personalization.

“It’s easy to send random email blasts with some content that users will read and forget. We didn’t want that,” he says. “We wanted to communicate direct and personalized content that users have a connection to.”

The tandem automations are working. As a part of the full customer experience for Wow Junkie shoppers, they’re helping the brand quickly excel.

“The user base is constantly growing and that end-users are extremely happy with the Wow Junkie platform and messaging,” he says.

Their success has paid off—just last year Wow Junkie won the Shoppers Mind Award for best e-commerce site in Croatia.

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