Mailchimp's Year in review​—2019

12,328,937 active Mailchimp customers

18 years, 8 months, and 17 days that we've offered email

23,923 items of company swag produced (And more than half of them were made in collaboration with our customers)

1,549,843 views/downloads of Mailchimp Presents original content

2,310 hours volunteered by Mailchimp employees (at places like the Giving Kitchen, Trees Atlanta, and Truly Living Well)

41 new features launched as a part of our all-in-one Marketing Platform

8 business employee resource groups

$321,538,039 in revenue made by our customers using Mailchimp product recommendations

56 pieces of art made by 14 employees showcased in our in-house art gallery (One of the exhibitions even roasted Mailchimp's co-founders.)

5,476,608 multichannel campaigns sent by our customers

39,988 emails referencing women making history in the 116th U.S. Congress

2.47 petabytes of data stored (That's equivalent to 3,705,000 compact discs)

10,977—average number of users signing up for a Mailchimp account every day

74 talented student interns from all over the world

68,554 miles traveled to meet and learn from our customers

16 Mailchimp Presents titles (including 7 films, 3 podcasts, 3 unscripted series, 2 scripted comedy series, and 1 animated series)

40 pounds of honey produced by the industrious bees in our beehive on the roof of our Ponce City Market office in Atlanta

212 hours of customer research interviews

88,304,202,369 API calls

770 items made by Mailchimp customers and sold in our pop-up Small Mall in Atlanta

1,418,085 tickets resolved by our Support team

250 employees who marched in Atlanta's Pride parade

55 different languages used in our customers' emails (The top 5 most common English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese)

53%—amount of Mailchimp's paid users who live outside the United States

3.2 billion automations sent by our customers

10 employees celebrating their 10th anniversary at Mailchimp

2,500 Mailchimp app demonstrations given at events in 12 countries around the world

$90,000 spent on our company-wide book club sponsorship

60.51%—Mailchimp's share of the email marketing industry (our nearest competitor has 9.52% of the market) *According to Datanyze as of Dec. 31, 2019

$203,000 in grants made by our Mailchimp Community College cohort

776 out-of-home advertisements—billboards, handpainted walls, digital signs, and more—all over the United States

1.2 million—people who have walked across Freddie's face at San Francisco's Embarcadero station

1,125 total employees across 5 offices (Vancouver, Oakland, Brooklyn, and 2 in Atlanta)

8,778,853,528 emails sent over Thanksgiving weekend (Those emails generated $4.5 billion in orders, too)

10 inspiring people featured during our in-house Coffee Hour speaker series (including, most recently, Sarah Keonig of "Serial")

2 million landing pages created by our customers

11 intramural sports teams—including bocce, frisbee, and cornhole—made up of 78 total employees (We also established a separate bowling league made up of 10-14 teams)

3.5 billion tags created by our customers

232 costumed kiddos who trick-or-treated around Mailchimp HQ in Atlanta

802 agency partners (Have you checked out our Partner Program yet?)

50%—rate of Clayton State Launchpad students hired as interns or employees

4 billion unique email addresses across all of our customers' audiences

7,860 emails referencing the long-running Eurovision song competition

839.5 million e-commerce orders generated through Mailchimp by our customers' customers (That's 2.3 million every day)

63,503 emails referencing Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” (Bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay!)

448,208 postcards delivered by our customers

10,554 joy-sparking emails referencing Marie Kondo

48—average number of code deploys every work day

59 employees who participated in our in-house makers market

41,303,501,405 total impressions of our email badge

20,986 emails referencing the World Cup-winning U.S. Women's National Soccer team

😍 6,476,892,004 heart eyes emoji included in the subject lines of our customers' emails 😍

340,401,755,324 emails sent (That's 10,794 emails every second.)

62,500 job applicants (Join us in 2020!)

Shoutout to Mailchimp customer James Edmondson, who owns and runs OH no Type Co. in Oakland, CA. We used a lot of his fonts for this project.

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