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Customer Re-engagement

Bring customers back to your store

Stay in touch with automated emails that entice your customers to come back and see what’s new.

A customer re-engagement email template featuring a product.

Top of inbox, top of mind. Turn one-time shoppers into life-long customers.

Customer Reengagement

Keep building brand love

Send out a fresh update or offer every few months to keep your business top of mind without bombarding their inbox.

Spark some new sales

Get past customers excited about your store by showing them new products or stuff they haven’t seen before.

See big returns with less work

Reaching out to customers who have already bought your stuff will get you more orders than sending a bulk email to your entire list.

How to bring people back

  • Connect your store to Mailchimp to bring in customer data, then choose a list connected to your store.

    The template for selecting the details of a customer re-engagement automation.
  • Schedule your message to automatically go out 120, 240, or 360 days from your customer’s last purchase.

    The template for selecting when to send out a customer re-engagement automation.
  • Show people new products, make recommendations, or add promo codes to encourage them to buy.

    The template for selecting which images and copy go in a customer re-engagement automation.
  • Turn it on and you’re good to go. Your emails will start going out to customers based on their last purchase date.

    An example of a customer re-engagement automation email.
The template for selecting the details of a customer re-engagement automation.
The template for selecting when to send out a customer re-engagement automation.
The template for selecting which images and copy go in a customer re-engagement automation.
An example of a customer re-engagement automation email.

“Our customer re-engagement email has converted 9% of lapsed customers.”

Wayne Lin, co-founder of Live Love Polish

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  • As a business, you want to attract and retain long-term customers. However, sometimes customers who were once engaged with your brand—whether they made a few purchases in the past or subscribed to your email list—may become disengaged. This can happen for many reasons, but you may want to win that customer back. So how do you do that?

    The simple answer is to run a re-engagement campaign. Customer re-engagement campaigns are important because it can take a lot of money, time, and effort to attract new customers. But former customers are already familiar with your brand, so retaining their business tends to be easier and less expensive than attracting brand new customers.

    When you run a re-engagement campaign with Mailchimp, you can reach out to disengaged customers and incentivize them to connect with your brand once again. This may mean sending out a discount code, advertising a sale, distributing a survey, or creating personalized emails that appeal to unique individuals.

  • A re-engagement campaign describes actions a company takes to reignite the interest of former customers. In order to run a successful re-engagement campaign, you must first identify why a customer lost interest in the first place. After identifying the issue, you can create a re-engagement campaign that addresses the customer’s needs and draw them back to your brand.

  • As a business, one of your aims is to continually grow your email subscriber list. If you lose subscribers just as fast as you gain them, it may feel like your email marketing campaigns are going nowhere. When subscribers unsubscribe or disengage, your campaigns reach less people and it may be a sign that something’s not working with your email marketing strategy.

    With a re-engagement email campaign, you can potentially win customers back and boost engagement with your brand. Some re-engagement email campaign ideas include:

    • Send personalized emails: With a Mailchimp re-engagement campaign, you can easily create dynamic email content that’s tailored to each recipient. This can make customers feel special and valued.
    • Host an exciting promotion: Hosting a giveaway, a competition, or a simple sale can spark some excitement among disengaged customers.
    • Send email on a regular basis: Send out emails or newsletters on a regular basis to keep your brand top of mind. However, be careful not to send emails too frequently, as this can annoy your subscribers.
    • Distribute customer surveys: By reviewing customer surveys, you can better understand what customers want and what’s working in your re-engagement email campaigns.
  • By using a Mailchimp re-engagement campaign, you can win back customers in just a few steps. First, connect your online store to import customer data to Mailchimp. From there, you can schedule messages to be sent 120, 240, or 360 days following a customer’s last purchase. You can use the Mailchimp platform to design sleek, personalized re-engagement emails in order to maximize the effectiveness of your re-engagement email campaign.

Bring your customers back

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