About the Audience Manager Beta

We’re exploring ways to simplify how you manage and target your contacts in Mailchimp with a beta focused on audience management tools. Currently, this beta lets you view your account in the context of one list at a time, and provides you an audience overview page for each list. We hope these features will make it easier for you to view and work with your audience in Mailchimp, but you can opt out at any time if you find the beta tools aren’t meeting your needs.

In this article, you’ll learn about this beta, how to navigate your account if you choose to participate, and how to opt out if you need to.

Things to Know

Here are a few key things you should know about this beta.

  • We'll notify you as we add features to this beta, and you can opt out at any time.
  • The features in this beta are only available as a set. You must opt in to all the features included, or opt out of the beta completely.
  • Participating in this beta won’t affect any data in your Mailchimp account.
  • In this beta you'll only be able to view reports and campaigns in the context of lists that are currently active in your account. To view data associated with deleted lists, you'll need to opt out of the beta.


As a best practice, we recommend you maintain only one master list in Mailchimp, and use our list tools to organize and target contacts. Lists don’t share data with each other, so maintaining multiple lists can also result in a higher monthly bill if you have duplicate subscribers across lists.

We realize there are parts of the Mailchimp app that might discourage our users from thinking of their master list as their overall audience. We’re also aware that it can be difficult for our users to know what data we collect about their contacts and how to take action on that data. Our goal with this beta is to explore features that will simplify how you work with your audience and make it easier for you to target the right people, with the right content, at the right time.

Beta Features

Here’s a high-level explanation of the two main features currently in this beta.

  • Audience switcher
    For this beta, we’ve renamed “lists” to “audiences,” and changed how you navigate between them. You can view all the pages in Mailchimp’s main navigation through the lens of one list at a time, including the Campaigns, Audience, and Reports pages. When you navigate to each page, you’ll only see content for the audience you’re currently working with.
  • Audience overview page
    Each audience in your account has a customized, dynamic audience overview page with actionable insights about your contacts that will help you create targeted campaigns.

    Everything else you do in Mailchimp works the same as it always has, like creating campaigns, sharing and viewing reports, and managing your account.

The Audience Overview Page

This beta includes an overview page for each audience in your account. The audience overview page surfaces valuable and actionable insights about your contacts based on data you have stored in Mailchimp, like your top sources of audience growth and where your subscribers are located.

To access the overview page for an audience, navigate to the Audience tab. We’ll automatically display the overview for the audience you currently have selected.

To learn more about the audience overview page and how to take action on the insights you find there, check out this article.

Opt Out of the Beta

You can opt out of the audience manager beta at any time, so feel free to poke around a bit before deciding whether to stick with it. If you need to opt out, scroll to the bottom of the Campaigns, Audience, or Reports pages and click the Go back to how things were link.

After you click the link, you’ll immediately be removed from the beta and we’ll display a form to gather feedback on your experience. Your feedback helps us improve Mailchimp for everyone, but you do not have to leave any if you don’t want to. To close the feedback form and opt out without leaving any feedback, click Close. You can always opt back into the beta from this same footer if you want to give it another try.

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