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New Ways to Grow Your Audience With Mailchimp’s Mobile App

Add and manage contacts from the palm of your hand.

You never know when you’re going to meet people who are interested in what you do. Whether you’re telling people about your small business in a grocery store checkout line or at an online networking event, you need a way to collect their information and follow up. Making the most of these connections is essential, especially when you’re just getting started.

Our Marketing CRM tools make it easy to collect contacts and engage from wherever you are—and now you can access them on Mailchimp’s mobile app.

  • Add a business card contact to your audience with the mobile contact scanner. You can even include tags and notes to keep track of what you know about them.
  • Add existing contacts from your device into your Mailchimp audience using the mobile address book import. That way, the people you already know become a meaningful part of your business audience.
  • Call, text, or email your contacts directly from the Mailchimp mobile app and record detailed notes about these interactions in their contact profile. You’re never more than a click away from reaching out to anyone in your audience.

Now the power to grow your audience and make the most of what you know about them is always in your hands.

A mobile phone displaying how to scan contact information

Never miss an opportunity to capture a new connection

We created these tools to solve common problems for small business owners. After traveling to New York City to conduct research last year, it was clear to our mobile app team that our users needed a fast, simple way to build and engage their audience anytime, anywhere.

“For a business, a lot of customer data lives in many different places—from business cards to sheets of paper,” says Andre Pardue, Senior Product Manager at Mailchimp. “Many of our users expressed challenges with being able to keep track of it all, so we tasked our team to come up with different ideas to solve these issues. We knew mobile was the perfect place to do that, since it is simple and accessible.”

Rather than manually input contact information from business cards or try to find the paper on which you wrote someone’s email address, you can add people to your audience as you meet them. Mailchimp’s Marketing CRM tools on mobile make this process fast and intuitive.

A mobile view of the Mailchimp App looking at the Audiences category

Organize your audience as you go

Your audience data is one of your most valuable business assets. Growing and managing it should be easy.

“It's important for our mobile customers to have as many ways as possible to quickly add customers to their audience,” says Michael Patzer, Senior Engineer at Mailchimp. “Mobile contact scanning is one of the ways they can do this, and is particularly helpful for business cards, conference badges, and even e-mail addresses on a computer screen, for example, a Slack profile."

Plus, you can capture everything you know about your new contacts by adding notes and tags to their contact profiles as you create them. Notes are useful for future reference if someone tells you something about themselves you’d like to remember when you communicate with them later. Tags are used to create segments so that you can send targeted, personalized messages.

Mailchimp also automatically adds marketing engagement activity to your contact profiles. And if you have a connected e-commerce store, it includes their order history, too. With this powerful data at your fingertips you can reach people with relevant, timely marketing.

“It's essential to those who need to get things done quickly and on the go,” says Kristina Terziyska, Product Marketing Associate at Mailchimp. “Now, with Marketing CRM tools on mobile, our users have even more powerful ways to capture connections and grow relationships directly from the palm of their hand."

A mobile phone displaying how to import contacts from your phone

Connect with the people you already know

Using the mobile address book import, you can quickly add contacts from your device into your Mailchimp audience. And with all of your contacts in the same place, you can cohesively do your most important marketing outreach.

People who are in your personal network are likely to be interested in your business. Whether it’s because they care about your success or because they could really use what you offer, including them in your audience provides you with a strong foundation to test and improve your marketing.

In fact, this can be one of the first steps to finding product-market fit. By seeing how people you know respond to your offering and the way you market it, you can alter both to improve as you go.

Coming soon: You’ll be able to import CSV files to upload new contacts in bulk, directly into the Mailchimp mobile app.

A look at a dashboard within Mailchimp

Talk to your contacts in a personalized way

Contact profiles offer an in-depth look at every individual in your audience—their characteristics, behaviors, and what they mean to your business. Now it’s easier than ever to act on that information from the Mailchimp mobile app.

You can call, text, or email contacts straight from their profile. Then, record notes about your interactions, so that you know how to communicate with them in the future.

Who needs an office when you have the Mailchimp mobile app? This new addition to Mailchimp’s Marketing CRM offering means you can provide your audience members with individualized attention without leaving your own couch. It works wherever you are.

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