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How to Make Retargeting Work for Your Business

Here are a few of the ways you can use retargeting ads alongside your other marketing channels to build your brand and sell more stuff.

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When you sell stuff online, you know that a customer’s journey to purchase something from your store often comes with twists and turns. They might come to your website through one of the advertising channels you use—like Instagram—and even pick out a few things in their size they’d like to buy.

But life happens. A phone call, an email, or a visit from a friend takes them away, and without a clear path back to your site, those shoppers are gone forever.

In our last article, we discussed how you can create Google remarketing ads in Mailchimp to turn people who leave your website into customers. Now, we’re ready to talk about some of the ways you can use retargeting ads to help build your brand and sell more stuff.

When should you use retargeting?

Unlike our Facebook and Instagram ads that help grow your audience, retargeting is meant to be a long-term strategy for businesses that already have a following.  

If your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors, Google remarketing ads are definitely for you. Mailchimp even has the tools to help build your customer base and get more web traffic.

If your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors, Google remarketing ads are definitely for you.

Send an email that drives subscribers to your website with a promo code or product recommendations, and use Facebook and Instagram ads to find new customers similar to people who already love you. Then, when someone leaves your site, retargeting ads run in the background to bring them back. For more on retargeting and marketing automation, check out “What is Marketing Automation?

Promoting bestsellers

Retargeting ads are a simple, effective way to showcase your top-selling products. And promoting items your current customers love can even help boost sales and ROI for your ads.

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When your store is connected to Mailchimp, we’ll automatically pull your 5 bestsellers into the ad builder, so you can create your campaign in just a few clicks.

Introducing new collections

People who are interested in your brand and visit your site are a great audience to target when you’re launching a new product collection. Your retargeting ads will catch their eye wherever they go online, creating a clear path back to your store so they can check out what’s new.

And since all the products from your connected store sync with Mailchimp, you can quickly choose the individual items from a collection that you want to feature.

Moving inventory

As an online seller, you’ve probably dealt with slow-moving inventory at one time or another. Retargeting ads are a low-budget, low-effort way to showcase surplus products from your store to potential customers. And the best part is that your ads display automatically, so you can spend your time focusing on the next big thing for your business.

Running sales or seasonal promotions

Does your business tend to see more traffic during certain months of the year? Retargeting ads in Mailchimp run for as little as $7 a week, but you can add more money to your budget around specific dates or holidays when you know people will be looking for the perfect gift or item. Retargeting is also a subtle way to grab a customer’s attention and bring them back to your site during a big sales push.

Building brand awareness

Most people need to feel they know you before they decide to buy your product or service, and retargeting ads keep your brand top of mind for potential customers who aren’t ready to purchase when they first visit your site. They’ll see your ads as they go about their day and start to trust your products.

Get started

Ready to get started? Head to the ad builder to set up your retargeting campaign in just a few clicks.

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