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Lekker Home's Automation Trifecta

Learn about three features the modern furniture line uses to personalize their messaging.

Natalie van Dijk

Having been surrounded by Dutch design her whole life, Natalie van Dijk was inspired to bring the colors and textiles of her native Amsterdam to the States. And so in 2003, she and her husband left their corporate lives to open Lekker Home, which offers furnishings for the modern residence. For this issue of What’s In Store, we traveled to Boston’s South End to visit the company’s showroom—and learn more about how they use Mailchimp’s automation tools to make their marketing more personal.

“Mailchimp has allowed us to reach a national audience in a truly genuine way. We’re able to personalize their experience without them having to physically be present in the showroom,” Natalie says. “It has broadened our customer base and has allowed us to retain those customers by curating their experience.”

To do so, their team has incorporated automated emails so that they can stay connected to their customers every step of the way.

Automations allow us to save time without compromising on creativity or connectivity,” Natalie says. “We can have our creative touch on even the simplest of transactional emails, and that’s something that’s really important to us.”

Unlike one-off campaigns, automations can be left running in the background, so you can talk to your customers at any time. (It’s a lot like having a second brain to help you run your business.)

“As a small team, automations make it easy to engage with our customers consistently no matter what the business throws our way on any given day,” she says. “We know those emails are going to be sent without a hitch. Our time is precious and automations help us re-market.”

These powerful features allow Lekker Home to not only be present in the showroom, but around the world as well—and they serve a variety of purposes.

Here are Lekker Home’s top 3 types of automations (and how you can set them up):

  1. Welcome email series – Send people a friendly “hello” or “thank you” after they subscribe to your list.
  2. Product recommendation email – Easily suggest items your customers will love based on their purchase activity.
  3. Abandoned cart email – Remind your customers what they left behind.

Lekker Home wanted to give extra attention to their top brands and the customers that were buying them, so they hatched an idea: create informative post-purchase emails. These emails contain care guides and some background about the brand, as well as inspirational content like staff picks and customer photos that people have shared on social media.

“When creating the automation, we factored in lead times for brands so we’re not sending an email about how to care for your piece when they haven’t received it,” Natalie says.

“You may receive emails attempting to upsell you, but as far as a personalized story about your item’s origin, that’s hard to come by,” she continues. “In the business of furniture and design, people sometimes still need direction or have a lingering curiosity about their piece long after purchase. We wanted to offer something to our customers that we didn’t see previously offered, and it gave us another way to connect with them.”

Personalize your marketing with automations.

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