About Compliance Insights

Mailchimp's Compliance Team tracks sending activity and your audience engagement as part of an overall account reputation status. Typically, users have to analyze this information based on data in their campaign reports. Compliance Insights packages this information for you in easy-to-follow scales and scores, so you can track your account reputation as it changes.

An email marketer's sending reputation directly impacts how consistently their campaigns are delivered to contacts' inboxes. It's important to maintain a good reputation so that ISPs will continue to accept and deliver your content to contacts.

This feature is included with Mailchimp Pro, or our Premium plan.

Know Your Status

Compliance Insights offers valuable data about how ISPs view your email campaigns. We'll display two values: a current account reputation scale and a historical, aggregate view of specific reputation factors.

If you've been under compliance review before, you'll be able to track your reputation's progress. Or, if you send to new contacts or work for a new client, you can track how each campaign send affects your account and catch a potential compliance issue before your account reputation falls below a safe level.

Your status is based on factors like how many opens, clicks, bounces, and abuse complaints your audience has received. We already track these factors in each of your email campaign reports, but Compliance Insights presents this data at a glance, and in relation to other users' reputations.

Access Your Status

To view Compliance Insights, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Profile menu from any page in your account.
  2. Choose Account from the drop-down menu.

Your Current Reputation appears as a scale at the top of the page, and includes a marker to indicate your position.

After the scale is a table that outlines four Historical Reputation rates: open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and abuse rate. For each value, we'll show you whether your total account activity rates Poor, Average, or Good.

Click the How can I improve? link to find out more about each factor.

Interpret Your Status

The Current Reputation scale provides a quick look at your current standing. Recent compliance events or particularly successful email campaigns move your marker toward Negative or Positive.

Historical Reputation, on the other hand, provides a more historical, aggregate view of your account activity. These values don't update with the same intensity as the scale. Changes to these values are incremental, and focus on each factor in relation to how often you send email campaigns and to how many contacts.

A bounce warning from our Compliance Team, for example, would cause your position on the Current Reputation scale to lower immediately, but your Bounce Rate value would likely remain the same. Keep in mind, though, if your rate is already on the edge of Good and Average when you receive the warning for the high bounce rate, it could fall to Average.

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