Apps and tools to do more with Mailchimp

Take your marketing further when you connect Mailchimp to your favorite apps and web services.

Reach customers and drive sales

Tools that enable you to market smarter and grow faster.

QuickBooks Online

Automate your marketing based on invoice data


Increase traffic and drive repeat purchases


Start selling from your Mailchimp website

Yelp for Business

Connect your Yelp Business Page with Mailchimp to let people know why your customers love you

Connect with and support customers

Discover developer-friendly tools

Convert leads into contacts

Connect form and survey data

Connect your subscription data

Manage and embed your designs


Airsquare is the quick and easy way to build a website or online store.


Amphoria provides a robust and an easy-to-use interface that shows your ROI, performance trends over time and predictions for the future.


Seamless one click integration to synchronize your contact list between Ari and Mailchimp. Level up your email marketing, get more sales and happy customers.


Use Mailchimp Automations to stay in touch with your attendees and to create "ticket buyer buzz" around your event.

Make Your Enterprise Mailchimp Account Social.


Connect Mailchimp with all of your favorite marketing apps — all on a single, visual customer journey canvas.


Design emails & landing pages, fast. Flexible nocode editor. Over 1200 email templates. Reusable blocks, versions, comments & 1-click push to Mailchimp.


Synchronize Farm's Barn2Door Product Catalog and Contacts with your Mailchimp Account


Take Your Newsletters to a New Level with Batchbook, the CRM for Mailchimp.

Beacon CRM

Connect Mailchimp with Beacon, the modern CRM for charities.

Big Cartel

Increase your revenue potential by connecting your Big Cartel store to Mailchimp.


Increase your revenue potential by connecting your BigCommerce store to Mailchimp.

$1 Million in Relief for the Developer Community

We’ve invested in a developer community hit hard by COVID-19. Our Integration Fund enabled developers to help expand Mailchimp’s functionality for small business owners.

Mailchimp Integration Partner Program

Integration Partners are app developers with access to exclusive benefits, insights, and opportunities to grow their Mailchimp integrations.