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A look at Mailchimp's integrations

New Integrations, built for you

Bring all your data together in one place and save time.


Sync data from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with Mailchimp and make smarter marketing decisions.

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Increase email engagement and generate more leads when you connect Vimeo to Mailchimp.

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Get a clear view of your app analytics, and manage it all in Mailchimp.

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Market to your biggest fans more effectively to increase subscriptions and engagement.

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Make Your Enterprise Mailchimp Account Social.

Connect Mailchimp with 200+ apps like Shopify, HubSpot, Facebook Lead Ads, Eventbrite, Airtable, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Paypal, Etsy, and Stripe.

Automated Product Replenishment

Keep customers coming back for consumable products time and time again with Windsor Circle's Replenishment Automator.


Connect Mailchimp with all of your favorite marketing apps — all on a single, visual customer journey canvas.


Create beautiful emails, fast. Super flexible editor. Lots of professional email templates. Manage versions. Comment, review & approve. Export to Mailchimp.


Synchronize Farm's Barn2Door Product Catalog and Contacts with your Mailchimp Account


Take Your Newsletters to a New Level with Batchbook, the CRM for Mailchimp.

Beacon CRM

Connect Mailchimp with Beacon, the modern CRM for charities.

Behavioral Track & Trigger Suite

Advanced behavioral tracking capabilities to capture both known and unknown behavior data from site visitors.

Big Cartel

Increase your revenue potential by connecting your Big Cartel store to Mailchimp.


Increase your revenue potential by connecting your BigCommerce store to Mailchimp.

Bloom Intelligence

Build your customer database 7-15 times faster using the Bloom Intelligence guest WiFi Marketing and Customer Intelligence platform.

$1 Million in Relief for the Developer Community

We’ve invested in a developer community hit hard by COVID-19. Our Integration Fund enabled developers to help expand Mailchimp’s functionality for small business owners.

Mailchimp Integration Partner Program

Integration Partners are app developers with access to exclusive benefits, insights, and opportunities to grow their Mailchimp integrations.