Apps and tools to do more with Mailchimp

Take your marketing further when you connect Mailchimp to your favorite apps and web services.

Reach customers and drive sales

Tools that enable you to market smarter and grow faster.

Connect with and support customers

Discover developer-friendly tools

Convert leads into contacts

Take command of your tools from Mailchimp with webhooks

Webhooks allow you to schedule or automate actions using your favorite tools—so you can coordinate customer interactions, campaign launches, internal team updates and more, all from Mailchimp.

  • Build a custom audience

    Add people to your customer audience.

  • Create discount codes

    Generate discount codes for retail platforms.

  • Send push notifications

    Send a mobile push notification.

  • Manage events

    Send an invite or cancel an event.

  • Create orders

    Create an order from a third-party sales channel.

  • Start a conversation

    Send a message every time a lead contact comes in.

  • Manage mailing

    Automate direct mail through your CRM system.

  • Update invoice status

    Automatically update accounting software when invoices are paid.

  • Share files, folders, and drives

    Share your internal files, folders, and drives.

  • Send an internal chat message

    Send messages or updates to your internal chat system.

  • Cancel a subscription

    Cancel a paid subscription or unsubscribe a contact from a subscription.

  • Send an SMS message by connecting a third-party app

    Send an outgoing message to your customers.

Connect form and survey data

Connect your subscription data

Manage and embed your designs

Big Cartel

Increase your revenue potential by connecting your Big Cartel store to Mailchimp.


Increase your revenue potential by connecting your BigCommerce store to Mailchimp.

Bloom Intelligence

Build your customer database 7-15 times faster using the Bloom Intelligence guest WiFi Marketing and Customer Intelligence platform.


Connect your Mailchimp account to Bloomerang’s top-rated donor management system. Bloomerang will keep track of emails sent to your donors via Mailchimp!

Boingnet Marketing Automation

Build pURLs, forms, landing pages & microsites for direct mail, web, and email and campaigns from your Mailchimp lists.


Stand out in your audiences' inbox with personalized videos that lift sales and also easily collect, manage, and publish customer testimonials.

Book Like A Boss for Mailchimp

Easily add all your Book Like a Boss customers directly to your MailChimp list.


Design your email campaigns, send out beautiful looking newsletters and manage your customers with Mailchimp.


Create targeted campaigns, send service recommendations to all customers or target groups – and boost retention.


Brightpearl is a platform to manage your omnichannel business allowing you to make informed decisions to grow.

Burst SMS

Opt-in mobile numbers via Mailchimp lists, sync them with a Burst list to send SMS campaigns.

Byta / Integration

Send & Receive Digital Audio. Built For Music.

$1 Million in Relief for the Developer Community

We’ve invested in a developer community hit hard by COVID-19. Our Integration Fund enabled developers to help expand Mailchimp’s functionality for small business owners.

Mailchimp Integration Partner Program

Integration Partners are app developers with access to exclusive benefits, insights, and opportunities to grow their Mailchimp integrations.