Learn about the pros and cons of partnerships and how they can work for you.

  • Success Stories

    Launching in a sector you've never been in before

    Having simultaneously quit their jobs in tech in May 2019, friends Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan decided to take the plunge in a sector they knew nothing about – and take on instant ramen.

  • Business Tips

    Nailing your production

    Setting up a reliable production process – from prototyping and costing to sourcing and testing – is one of the toughest parts of any new business.

  • Business Tips

    When should you bring in external help?

    Unless you’re a Jack of all trades, it’s likely you’ll lack certain skills to bring all the elements of your brand to life. Andy Kirk, design strategy director at 1HQ Brand Agency, answers some critical questions.

  • Success Stories

    Setting up a delivery service in four days

    For Berlin-based chefs Lauren Lee and Sarah Durante, quickly setting up their independent delivery service for home-cooked meals was born out of necessity when their regular outlets and orders dried up at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

  • Topic Explainer

    The 411 on revenue-based financing

    When it comes to raising cash for a business, one option continuing to gather momentum is revenue-based financing. Here’s a swift overview to get you up to speed.

  • Business Tips

    Professional Soulmates

    Is your work partner more like a professional soulmate? We chatted with some Mailchimp partners to find out how they are making it work in teams.

  • Success Stories

    How three mobile street-food vendors make a living

    Outside of Instagram, there’s hardly any trace of the new wave of mobile pickups. But from Californian BBQ cooked out of a high school to selling chai from a tuk-tuk in Barcelona, they’re proving resilient business models.

  • Business Tips

    What to know before you set up your own delivery service

    With the eye-watering commission that third-party delivery services often take, setting up a delivery arm makes sense for many indie food or drinks businesses. Here’s what to know.

  • Business Tips

    Dos and don'ts of rewards-based crowdfunding

    Rewards-based crowdfunding offers investors varying levels of non-financial rewards depending on how much is pledged. John Auckland, founder of crowdfunding support agency TribeFirst, shares his advice for those thinking about going down this route.