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Using Landing Pages to Connect with Customers

How Azalea San Francisco is using this marketing tool to drive sales and stay relevant.

Co-owner of Azalea standing in front of a wall of merchandise.

Just because online sales are starting to dominate the current retail landscape doesn’t mean brick-and-mortar stores can’t thrive. Azalea San Francisco co-owners Corina Nurimba and Catherine Chow will tell you the hardest part is keeping pace with your customers' evolving preferences and touchpoints. We traveled to Azalea’s flagship in Hayes Valley where we learned how Corina and Catherine use landing pages to promote events and drive sales.

“Customers want to be met where they're at, either mobile, in-store, online, or while they're watching TV,” says Corina who, along with overseeing Azalea’s merchandising, handles the marketing duties. “So, how do you do that as a small business is always its biggest challenge.”

Corina jokes that she and Catherine have always been willing to try different marketing tactics with varying results. “Anything new is a potential strategy for bringing people into the store,” she says. “When Vine was out we tried Vine.”

Photo of Corina looking through sweaters hanging on display.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that Corina and Catherine realized a lot of what they wanted to accomplish with both the physical and online stores could be done through Mailchimp. Specifically, they’re finding that landing pages connect their traditional marketing tactics with new technology.

“I think Mailchimp being an all-in-one tool really helps greatly with growing our business and taking control," she says. “It’s helped us change with the times while staying true to ourselves.”

Here’s how they do it.

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The result: A successful event + direct sales

Corina saw an extra 256 unique visits to their website from the landing page CTA alone. That wasn't all. “What's really cool is that I initially set up landing pages for my events," she says, "but I actually put products in there and directly made sales from the page itself."

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The tool: Landing pages

First, Corina creates audience segments based on customer buying behavior, how often they’ve interacted with the brand, and first-timers. Next up: targeted messaging. “My strategy was to send an email to local customers, driving them to the landing page to promote the event and show a preview of the product,” she says.

For a “Popcorn & Piercing Party” the event landing page promoted a 15% discount on jeans, and a preview of jewelry for sale during the event. Oh, and complimentary piercings with any in-store purchases.

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The goal: Engage both brick-and-mortar and digital customers

For Azalea's marketing efforts, finding a way to engage with both e-comm and in-store customers is the marker for success. “We have to do both equally just as well,” Corina says. She was already using a combo of A/B testing and predicted demographics to gain a better sense of what their customers respond to, and who they’re speaking with, but that wasn’t enough.

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