Customer Journey Builder

Design a journey to take customers from prospect to purchase

Visual Customer Journey

Visual Customer Journey

Every journey begins with a map

Visualize your customer's experience and craft it according to your business goals.

Pre‑Built Journeys

Pre‑Built Journeys

Workflows designed to convert

Our Pre-Built Journeys give you inspiration and a head start on marketing automations with fully customizable workflows to guide your customers toward conversion.

Personalize At Scale

Personalize At Scale

Customer Journey Builder CJB Branching Points

Curate a path for every opportunity

Personalize and fully automate an experience that adapts to customer interactions and increases purchase opportunities.

With automated emails built in Customer Journey Builder, Mailchimp customers see significant increases on average compared to bulk email.

44% increase in open rates

127% increase in click rates

Building a workflow doesn't have to be complicated

Get the conversation started—and keep it going

Starting points kick everything off in your automated journey and put customers on their own path. No matter what conversation you want to have with a customer, we’ll help get it started.

Deliver flexible experiences

Rules like branching points and delays help deliver relevant messages to your customers based on their interactions and behaviors.

Stay top of mind

Automatically send beautiful, personalized emails when the moment is right, so you can get back to running your business.

Automatically tag customer interests

Automate behind-the-scenes changes to your audience. Use tags to organize your contacts based on interactions, their level of engagement, and anything else you feel is important.

See what's working

When someone enters your automation workflow, you'll be able to see and measure how they're engaging as they move along their journey.

Get a head start on success

Using marketing best practices, customer behaviors, and data analytics we offer a library of Pre-Built Customer Journeys to guide your customers from prospect to purchase, including:

...and more

Customer Journey Builder CJB Integrations "Connect data" Woo Commerce

Connect all the data from your other marketing tools

Mailchimp seamlessly integrates with your apps and web services so you can do more with your marketing.


The Mailchimp + Zapier integration allows us to save time and also allows us to accurately segment the audience that we wish to target and just makes everything seamless.

Louise, Performance Marketing Manager at ShapeWays

238% open rate increase

525% click-through rate increase

Results not typical. See averages above.


  • How do I create a Customer Journey in Mailchimp?

    Whether a potential shopper is at the beginning of their buying journey or has reached the checkout process, a Customer Journey builder can help you land the sale. Mailchimp’s Customer Journey builder empowers you to create and automate a workflow that’s tailored to your business. To start, make sure you have access to our Customer Journey tools under your current plan.

    Navigate to the Customer Journeys homepage and select Create from scratch or use the pre-built maps available. Then, click the Start Building button.

  • How to activate a Customer Journey on Mailchimp?

    You can activate a Customer Journey on Mailchimp by clicking the Continue button once your Customer Journey map is good to go. From there, you can select a marketing objective and push Turn On. Marketing objectives basically help us ensure you receive recommendations and reports that are specific to your goals. If your objectives change later as your business grows, you can always update them.

    Once the Customer Journey is activated, users will be funneled into the map as certain conditions are met.

  • How to build a Customer Journey map?

    To build an effective Customer Journey map, it’s a good idea to first choose a Starting Point. A Starting Point is an activity that kicks off the Customer Journey. A Starting Point can occur when a user views a page, abandons their cart, doesn’t open a campaign, or celebrates their birthday. You can also add Journey Points, which are rules and actions that prospects can go through until they become customers.

    As you create a Customer Journey map, try to identify milestones that you want shoppers to hit. The right touchpoints allow you to stay top of mind and ensure potential clients don’t stray too far from your business.

  • How to create a complete Customer Journey with automation and analytics?

    Mailchimp can help you create a Customer Journey with automation and analytics. The automation portion of our Customer Journey tool lets you send automated and personalized emails at the right time, so you don’t have to worry about sending them manually from your computer. With analytics, you can see what’s working well and identify areas of improvement, empowering you to move prospects along with data-driven decisions.

  • What is a Customer Journey mapping tool?

    A Customer Journey mapping tool helps visualize the different paths a prospect can take. The end goal of many Customer Journeys is to remain top of mind as prospects are funneled through the map. Doing so can help you turn prospects into customers. That said, you can also create a Customer Journey map that aligns with your marketing goals.

  • What is a Mailchimp Customer Journey?

    A Mailchimp Customer Journey is a tool that Mailchimp users can leverage to meet their marketing objectives. You’ll find Pre-Built Journeys that can kickstart the mapping process. Plus, Pre-Built Journeys are also customizable, so you can ensure every step is tailored to your business and customers. You can also build a Customer Journey map from scratch.

2021 TrustRadius Awards badge for Best Usability

Easily plan, manage, and refine unique customer experiences

Customers voted Mailchimp first place in best usability among All-in-One Marketing platforms on TrustRadius.


One map, endless possible journeys

Nurture and encourage your customers as they move from prospect to purchase.

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