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Automated Email follow-up

Keep the conversation going with customers

After someone buys your stuff, send an automated follow‑up email to get feedback or recommend other stuff.

An automated product follow-up email.

Automate your email follow-ups to reach out and learn more about your customers.

Product Follow-up

Learn from every customer

Add a survey or include a reward for leaving a review. Every click helps you learn more about your people.

Personalize your message

Customize your follow-up email with promo codes, personalized product recommendations, or helpful info about your stuff.

Quick and easy to set up

We make it easy to set up automations. With our drag-and-drop email designer, you can go from draft to publish in minutes.

Fast follow-ups, more sales

We've found that product follow-up emails get 5 times more orders than bulk emails.

Follow up in a few steps

  • Connect your online store to bring in purchase history and choose whether your automated follow-up emails are triggered by - products or categories.

    The screen to select a type of automated email.
  • Schedule the delay for when your follow-up goes out and the specific product or category.

    The screen to select the details of an automation trigger.
  • Our email designer makes it easy to customize your message with email templates; add surveys, product recommendations, and more.

    The email designer.
  • Turn on your automated follow-up system, and you're all set. Customers will get your product follow‑ups after they make a purchase.

    A product follow-up email.
The screen to select a type of automated email.
The screen to select the details of an automation trigger.
The email designer.
A product follow-up email.


  • You can use Mailchimp to trigger automated emails to specific audience segments. Using automations, you can create emails that send when a particular API event occurs. This means the email will be sent when a shopper takes a specific action or a certain event occurs in your app. You can configure automated emails, create campaigns, and edit automated email triggers through your Mailchimp account.

  • After signing up with Mailchimp, you can start sending automated follow-up emails by following just a few simple steps, which are outlined below:

    1. Choose whether you want follow-up emails to be triggered by certain products or product categories.
    2. Choose how long of a delay you would like between when a customer makes a purchase and a follow-up email is sent.
    3. Customize one of our numerous email templates and write a message directly to your customers. You can also add elements such as surveys, product recommendations, feedback options, and more.
    4. Turn on your automated follow-up system. Once you have turned automated follow-up emails on, customers will begin to receive them after making a purchase, according to your specifications.

    Sending out follow-up emails can be a great way to engage with customers and gather valuable information and feedback. Mailchimp makes it easy to send out follow-up emails that allow customers to connect with your brand and explore what your company has to offer.

  • Mailchimp makes it simple to send automated follow-up emails. Using our automated follow-up system, you can choose whether to send follow-up emails that are targeted towards specific products or product categories. You can then choose how much time should pass before your automated follow-up emails are sent out to customers.

    Of course, you can also customize your emails using follow-up email software. Write custom messages and use one of our email templates to create follow-up emails and connect with customers. Make automated follow-up emails even richer by providing surveys, recommending products, or soliciting feedback from customers.

    Once you have customized your emails to your liking, simply turn on your automated follow-up system.

  • Yes, you can use Mailchimp to send many different types of reminders. With our automated email follow-up software, you can easily reach out to solicit feedback, recommend other products, and send promotions and discount codes.

    Using Mailchimp, you can quickly and easily send other reminders as well. For instance, you can automatically send abandoned cart emails to shoppers who add products to their cart but fail to complete the transaction. By reaching out to shoppers, you can engage your customers and incentivize them to make more purchases.

Automate your follow-ups

Set it up in a few steps and start learning more from your customers.

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