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Order Notifications

Get more out of your receipts

Order notifications are more than just receipts—they're extensions of your brand.

Order notification creator with options to choose a logo, a title, an image, a button, and background color

Make order notifications that fit your brand

Add your brand's logo, color palette, and fonts to make your order notifications look more like you.

Order Notifications

See how much your order notifications are making

We compile all your data into one detailed report, so it's easy to see how your notifications are contributing to your sales.

Encourage people to buy more with product recommendations.

It’s never too early to get your shoppers thinking about more stuff they can buy from your store. With product recommendations, you can suggest other things your customers might like—and boost sales, too. On average, Mailchimp users see a 150% increase in sales per open on emails that include custom recommendations.

Save time answering customers’ questions

Order notifications help you answer questions your customers might have about their purchases. Once you set up your notifications, they'll start to send based on your customers' purchase activity.

Help your customers track their orders

Send a receipt to confirm an order’s been processed. Let shoppers know when something’s on its way. Give customers who've had a change of heart a chance to modify their purchase.

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"I started using Mailchimp order notifications because the notifications provided by my e-commerce platform were extremely generic. When I discovered that Mailchimp had order notifications that I could customize, I did just that."

Cynthia Rybakoff, founder of Cynthia Rybakoff Jewelry

Create purchase updates that fit your brand


Connect your store

Mailchimp integrates with hundreds of e-commerce apps and services.


Choose what to send

Combine any of our 5 notifications to keep your customers in the loop.


Stay on brand

Start with our templates, then add some brand personality.


Update shoppers

Once you turn on order notifications, your shoppers will receive email updates.


  • Yes, an order confirmation email serves as a receipt for online purchases. Email confirmation receipts are automatically sent out to customers following the completion of a purchase. However, email confirmation receipts often provide you with more information than a physical receipt would.

    For example, an email confirmation receipt will often outline expectations when it comes to shipping and delivery times. The email confirming receipt may include the expected shipping date as well as the expected arrival time. In many cases, the email confirmation receipt also includes tracking information accompanied by instructions about how customers can track their order.

  • An order confirmation email is automatically sent out to a customer after they make a purchase. The purpose of an order confirmation email—also known as an email confirmation receipt—is to assure the customer that you received their order and provide the customer with a record of what they purchased so that they can ensure their order was correctly received.

    Besides acting as a basic confirmation, an email confirmation receipt typically includes a number of other details regarding the customer’s purchase. For example, some of the other details that may be contained within an email confirmation receipt include:

    • Delivery information: Many email confirmation receipts provide customers with details regarding shipping and delivery. Sellers may include such details as when they expect to ship the order, when the order is projected to arrive, and tracking information that enables the customer to track their order.
    • Payment method: In addition to providing a customer with the amount they paid, most email confirmation receipts also list the payment method. Listing a customer’s payment method can increase transparency and make it easier for the customer to review the details of the transaction.
    • Terms and conditions: An email confirmation receipt often provides some kind of reference to a company’s terms and conditions. For instance, you may attach your refund or return policy to an email confirmation receipt.

    As you build your online store and configure order notifications, it might also be a good idea to customize your email confirmation receipts. For example, consider changing email order notifications through Shopify. You can also use Mailchimp to change the color scheme, logo, and fonts in order notification emails, as well as track how order notification emails are impacting sales.

  • Yes, in most cases an email confirmation receipt can act as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is often needed in order to complete returns or refunds. Proof of purchase may also be need in order to capitalize on promotions that require customers to make a purchase in order to claim a discount or reward.

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