Troubleshooting Your Facebook Page Connection

Sometimes, when you set up an ad campaign, your Facebook Page may have trouble connecting to Mailchimp. This can happen for a few reasons, but it's fixable. We'll help you find out why so you can run your ad soon.

In this article, you'll learn how to troubleshoot Facebook Page connection errors.

Do you have a business Page?

There are a few types of online presence on Facebook, such as Pages, Profiles, and Groups. To use Mailchimp's ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, your business needs a Facebook Page. Profiles and Groups aren't eligible for ad campaigns.

If you're not sure what you have, here's a tip to tell them apart. Each type has a different way of categorizing the people who follow you.

A screenshot of a Facebook page, which shows like, share, and follow buttons

A screenshot of a Facebook group, which shows a Join button, notifications, and a share button.

A screenshot of a Facebook profile, which shows tabs for timeline, about, friends, photos, and more.

Convert your existing profile to a Page, or create a new Facebook Page. Then try your Mailchimp ad campaign again.

Create a Facebook Page

Convert a Personal Profile to a Page

Are you an Admin for your Facebook Page?

To use Mailchimp's ad campaigns, you must have Admin permissions for the Facebook Page you want to promote. Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst roles aren't eligible to run ad campaigns through Mailchimp.

Check your user role in Facebook. If you're not an Admin, ask the Page Admin to increase your permissions. Then, try your Mailchimp ad again.

Check Facebook User Role

Manage Facebook Page Roles

Are Facebook and Mailchimp connected?

If you've answered the above questions and haven't found the problem, you may need to refresh your connection. You'll uninstall and delete Mailchimp's Facebook integration, log out of Facebook, and then reconnect the integration.

When you reconnect, be sure to click "OK" in each of the three Facebook permissions pop-up modals. We'll need your approval to set up the connection correctly. After you reconnect, try your Mailchimp ad again.

Connect or Disconnect the Facebook Integration

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