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Design Tips

Get resources to help you make beautiful marketing content—no design skills needed.

  • Business Tips

    Rethinking Subject Lines and Preheaders

    Arcade Belts was concerned about their unsubscribe rate. They decided to rethink their subject lines and preheaders.

  • Success Stories

    Simplify, Simplify, Simplify with Fjällräven

    Fjällräven's overall mission to create beauty and function has made its way into their emails. Here’s how they did it.

  • Business Tips

    15 Ways to Win at Writing Email

    There is nowhere on the internet more intimate than our inboxes. In talking with Copy Hackers co-founder Joanna Wiebe, this truth revealed itself again and again.

  • Success Stories

    Why Copy Matters (Like, A Lot)

    When Joanna Wiebe, co-founder of Copy Hackers, realized that she wanted to write, she didn’t think it was a viable career option. But today, she's anything but a hobbyist.

  • News

    Introducing Facebook Ad Campaigns

    With Facebook ads, you can grow your audience and sell more stuff in the same place. Find new subscribers and reconnect with others.

  • Topic Explainer

    Accessibility in Email Marketing

    For most companies, having a website that meets accessibility standards is generally regarded as a must-have. The same goes for email.

  • News

    Introducing Product Blocks

    Product blocks provide you with a super simple way to add 1 or more products from your connected e-commerce store to your Mailchimp campaign, in just a couple of clicks.

  • Success Stories

    How to Achieve Empathetic Automation

    Savannah, GA has infused Gauge Interactive with people with a penchant for creativity and kindness — two important ingredients for a successful automated email campaign.

  • News

    Introducing Web Fonts

    These new fonts give you more options for creative expression, help you create consistency across your brand, and give you an edge in the increasingly crowded inboxes of your customers.