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How To Start an E‑Commerce Business—a Complete Guide

There’s a lot to do when you’re first figuring out how to start an e-commerce business. It can seem overwhelming to take that first step, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Mailchimp Presents Second Act, a show which follows those who have chosen a new direction in their careers, discovered their passions and defined their own versions of success

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    Marketing Products: 10 Tips for How to Market a Product

    Marketing products is a challenge for every business. Get tips for how to go about product marketing and learn about tools to use to support your efforts.

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    Five-minute briefing: period products

    For decades, menstrual hygiene brands have been hidden away at the backs of shops and are often made with harmful chemicals to boot. Now a new generation of period care companies are taking on an outdated sector and giving it a much-needed revamp.

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    The repair revolution

    With recent government legislation in the US, UK and Europe, the ‘right to repair’ movement is giving customers the freedom to tinker with the electronic goods they’ve purchased. But what impact will this have on indie local repair shops?

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    The rise of food halls, revisited

    Although the food-and-drink sector was hit hard by the pandemic, the low set-up costs and community focus of food halls means that more and more are now setting out their own stalls.

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