Manage Mailchimp Subscribe for iPad

Mailchimp Subscribe is a mobile application that lets you create simple signup forms on your tablet, so people can join your list from anywhere, like your store or an event. You can customize Subscribe to control access to your tablet, export data, and manage your account.

In this article, you'll learn about Mailchimp Subscribe's settings options, and how to view and export data.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • Subscribe is supported on tablets with screens seven inches or larger, and may not be supported on older iPads. It's also available for Android tablets.
  • Before you use any settings options, set up Mailchimp Subscribe.
  • Subscribe lets you create signup forms for each list in your Mailchimp account, and works even when you don't have an internet connection. The next time you connect to a WiFi network, sync the addresses you collected while you were offline.

View Subscribers

Mailchimp Subscribe keeps track of all addresses successfully added to your list, and addresses that failed to sync with your Mailchimp account. If any of your addresses failed to sync, the Subscriber icon will display with a red dot.
Screen of the Subscriber icon with a red dot to the top-right of the icon.
To view subscribers from the Forms List, tap SUBS. We'll display your Collected addresses by default. Tap the Trashcan icon to delete a collected address from the Subscribe app. This won't unsubscribe them from your list in Mailchimp.
Screen of three subscribers in Collected section of app with a Trashcan icon to the right of each subscriber.

Tap the Failed tab to review the contacts that failed to sync with your Mailchimp list. We'll display the reason the address failed to sync.
Screen of a subscriber in the Failed section of the app, with reason of invalid domain.
Tap the Edit icon to edit a failed address, or tap the Trashcan icon to delete it. Tap the Refresh icon to attempt to re-add the address.

Tap Sync All to add these failed addresses to your Mailchimp list anyway. Be aware that these addresses may contain errors.

Sync Subscribers Collected While Offline

Addresses you've collected while offline are stored as failed addresses until you connect to a WiFi network and sync those addresses with your Mailchimp account.

Follow these steps to sync your addresses.

  1. Connect to a WiFi network and launch Subscribe.
  2. Tap SUBS on the Forms List.
  3. On the Subscribers screen, tap the Failed tab.
  4. Tap Sync All.

All successful addresses will be synced with your Mailchimp account and added to the Collected tab in Subscribe. Invalid addresses will continue to display on the Failed tab.

Export Subscribers

To export the subscribers you've collected with Subscribe, follow these steps.

  1. From the Forms List, tap SUBS.
    Screen of the Edit, Show, and Subs options.
  2. Tap Export.
    Screen of three subscribers in Collected section, with the Export option in the top right of the sceen.
  3. Use the radio buttons to export All subscribers, Collected subscribers, or Failed subscribers.
    Screen of the All subscribers radio button selected.
  4. Tap Export.

Subscribe sends exported CSV files through the Mail app on your device. You'll be prompted to compose a new message, with the CSV export as an attachment.

Delete, Rename, or Replicate a Form

To delete, rename, or replicate a form from the Forms List, follow these steps.

  1. Tap the Settings icon for the form you want to work with.
  2. Tap Delete, Rename, or Replicate.
    Screen of the expanded Settings menu, with Delete, Rename, and Replicate options.
  • Delete
    In the pop-up modal, tap Yes to delete your form.
  • Rename
    In the pop-up modal, type a new name for your form, and tap Save.
  • Replicate
    In the pop-up modal, tap a list to use with your replicated form.

Settings Options

Mailchimp Subscribe offers a number of optional tools to give you more control over your account and help you as you work with your forms. There are two settings menus in Subscribe.

Account Settings

To access your Account settings, tap your username on the Forms List screen.
Screen of the expanded drop-down menu.

Here are the available settings options and how to use them.

To log out of your account from the Account settings, tap Log Out in the upper-right corner.

If you use or have access to another Mailchimp account, tap Connect another account to add an additional Mailchimp account to Subscribe. Your additional accounts will appear under the Account settings menu and the account you're using will display a checkmark.

To switch accounts, tap the account you want to work with. To remove an account, tap the account you want to work with, and tap Log Out. You'll stay logged in under the next remaining account.

Form Security

To make sure no one can access your tablet or make unwanted changes to your form, set a passcode lock. When your form is in display mode, your password will be required to unlock the screen.

To set a passcode, follow these steps.

  1. Toggle the Lock your forms with a passcode? switch to blue.
  2. In the pop-up modal, enter a four-digit passcode for your forms.
  3. Re-enter the passcode to confirm.

Mailchimp Resources
The Mailchimp Resources section includes a link to search our Knowledge Base, and review Mailchimp's Privacy Policy and Terms. If you find something wrong in the app, tap Report an issue to let us know.

Form View Settings

To access your form settings, tap Edit for the form you want to work with, then tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Form settings drop-down menu

Here are the available settings options and how to use them.

Form Settings

You can rename your form from the Form Settings or from the Forms List. If you tap Reset form design, we'll restore your form to Subscribe's default styles and save any text changes or field settings changes you've made.

You can also choose to edit your Form field settings from this menu. This allows you to choose which fields are required and visible in your Subscribe signup form.

Opt-In Settings
Mailchimp Subscribe defaults to the single opt-in subscription process. If you're concerned about the health of your list, we recommend you use double opt-in.

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