Mailchimp Integration for Ecwid

This free app automatically imports the email address of each new customer into one of your Mailchimp list!
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Ecwid To Mailchimp Subscribe

Automatically adds customer names and email addresses from the Ecwid shopping cart system to a Mailchimp mailing list at the time of checkout. Has a bulk mode to transfer up to 200 existing customer names and email addresses into Mailchimp for an initial setup executed via a url.

Ecwid To Mailchimp Subscribe Groups

Does all the above plus creates Mailchimp groupings for the product name and category and populates them with each Ecwid customer's product(s) purchased and/or product category – All Automatically! With this you can target your email campaigns to specific groups of product or category purchasers. It also has the bulk additions mode, executed via a url, as above.

Additional Information & Help Subscribe Customers to Your List at Checkout
How to reconnect the App from one Mailchimp account to another



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