Mailchimp Integration for Ecwid

This free app automatically imports the email address of each new customer into one of your Mailchimp list!
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Big Pixels LLC

The app allows you to imports the emails of new customers into Mailchimp, which is awesome.

But that's not all...

It also gives you the option to send new customers a welcome email, so that you can ask them about their needs, frustrations and challenges.

Once you understand your customers’ wants and needs, you can generate more sales by sending them targeted, relevant offers via Mailchimp.

Free Forever Plan:

For each customer, the app imports: • Email Address

Ecommerce Insights Plan:

For each customer, the app imports: • Email Address • First Name • Last Name • Products Purchased + Price Paid • Categories Purchased • Total $ amount that a customer spent at your store

This feature is going to be great, because it will allow you to create segments within Mailchimp, so you could better target your customer with new offers.

So for example, you'll be able to send emails only to: • Customer who purchased a certain product. • Customer who purchased a certain category. • Customers who spent more than $100 at your store.

Large companies use this segmentation method to increase sales by sending relevant, targeted offers only to those customers who are likely to buy.

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