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    Comment: Black women and the concrete ceiling

    Nicole Crentsil, an angel investor at Ada Ventures and the CEO of Black Girl Festival, explores the inequalities in the world of investing.

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    Five essential psychological skills to master

    If you’re thinking about making your own moves, you’ll need to harness some essential psychological skills. Here are five key traits, combining advice from experts in the field with those who have already done it themselves.

  • Success Stories

    Finding more joy in your work

    Most of us could probably stand to find more pleasure in what we do. Jonas Altman is the author of Shapers, a book that focuses on rethinking how we work. He taps into the idea of job crafting to outline three simple approaches.

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    Your business suddenly takes off. Now what?

    It sounds like a nice problem to have, but experiencing hyper growth brings with it a unique set of challenges. How does the theory of how to handle it compare to what actually happens on the ground?

  • Topic Explainer

    Everything you need to know about... conducting one-on-ones

    Speaking with your employees on a regular, structured basis might just be the single best use of your time when you’re running a business. Using one-on-ones correctly can be a game-changer for you – and the people working for you.

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    How to transition out of work mode

    Whether you call it switching off, winding down, logging off or just chilling the heck out, moving from work mode to leisure mode is a super-important transition for your wellbeing and work engagement – and a subject that's always worth revisiting.

  • Business Tips

    A naturalist on connecting to nature

    As we move into spring, it’s about time to properly re-engage with Mother Nature. Dan Webster, a naturalist and wilderness guide for 35 years, shares some practical things you can do – even on that daily bop through the urban jungle.

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    Everything you need to know about... how to get brand partnerships right

    When two (or occasionally more) brands put their heads together and work on a project, something beautiful can happen. This is about two businesses combining skill sets, audiences and, normally, budgets while working to their respective goals.

  • Success Stories

    Launching in a sector you've never been in before

    Having simultaneously quit their jobs in tech in May 2019, friends Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan decided to take the plunge in a sector they knew nothing about – and take on instant ramen.

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