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    What to know before you set up your own delivery service

    With the eye-watering commission that third-party delivery services often take, setting up a delivery arm makes sense for many indie food or drinks businesses. Here’s what to know.

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    How to modernise employee benefits

    When it comes to employee benefits, businesses often offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but as working patterns evolve, perks need to adapt to the changing demands and needs of staff.

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    Comment: The new front line

    Colin Nagy, head of strategy at global advertising agency Fred & Farid, discusses how on-demand delivery staff remain underappreciated despite become essential workers since the pandemic began.

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    Do you need a co-founder?

    When you’re starting a business, unless it’s an idea you’ve formulated with someone else, making the decision to bring a co-founder on board is a huge step. This isn’t about hiring – you’re going to build the whole thing together.

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    Comment: Feedback isn't just hard to receive

    Therese Huston, founding director of the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Seattle University, explores why managers find it so hard to give honest feedback.

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    ‘It was hard to know exactly where my place was.’

    Julie Deane from The Cambridge Satchel Company describes how she lost her connection to the brand she founded after years of spectacular growth.

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    How three founders made the jump to full time

    Every business owner has their own story of when their business changed from idea to reality. Here three founders outline the moment they pushed their ventures – and themselves – to the next level.

  • Topic Explainer

    Everything you need to know about... sales outreach

    Putting on a sales hat might not feel natural or comfortable, but if you want to grow your business and attract new customers, you’ll probably have to do it. Here’s our guide to making that happen.

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    How to find the perfect mentor

    Whether you give them the label ‘mentor’ or not, having someone with business experience that you can regularly speak to will make a huge difference when it comes to starting your own business.

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