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Business Inspiration

Stay energized—here's how to keep doing your thing, even if you're not sure what it is.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Paulie Gee

    After more than 30 years in the corporate world, Paulie Gee left his job and decided to open his first restaurant. Paulie discusses his family, life as a successful restaurateur, and how he overcame his fear of failure.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Marinel De Jesus

    Being an attorney and running an international trekking company are radically different jobs, but both of the careers that Marinel de Jesus has chosen are tied to her evolving views of her family and her immigrant identity.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    The Jones Sisters

    The Jones sisters' father did all he could to give his daughters the career opportunities that he didn't have, but his most lasting gift to them may have been passing on his love of barbecue.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Abigail Carroll

    Working in finance was Abigail Carroll's ticket to traveling the world, but it took quitting everything to try her hand at oyster farming for her to feel connected to her environment.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Dusty Tuckness

    For Dusty Tuckness, wrangling a bull is no different than being an FBI agent, a firefighter, or anyone else who works in intense situations. You have to show up, embrace difficulty, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Tanmay Bakshi

    Tanmay Bakshi started programming at age five just for fun. Now as a successful 14-year-old developer, he’s learned that diving into challenges before the world thinks he's ready is part of what makes him so successful.

  • Success Stories

    Running an Online Subscription Service with Sock Fancy

    Learn how a pair of sock fashionistas streamlined their business and increased predictability.