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Business Inspiration

Stay energized—here's how to keep doing your thing, even if you're not sure what it is.

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    Chih Lin

    Chih believed he could find his American dream in the oil and gas industry. Upon realizing he was unable to be himself at work as a gay, Taiwanese immigrant, Chih quit his job and started Dumpling Dudez with his husband, Mike.

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    Kelly Carlisle

    Working in the Navy fulfilled Kelly Carlisle’s dream of becoming a hero. Upon returning to Oakland, she became a local hero in the fight against food apartheid through her organization Acta Non Verba.

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    Dave from Wayward Distillery

    Within a week Dave realized that his distillery business was coming to a complete halt. Paul talks to Dave about hard decisions -- ones that ultimately provided Dave’s community with a measure of protection against the pandemic.

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    Matt from Xocolatl Chocolate

    Matt, a small-batch chocolate maker whose production was bursting at the seams when the pandemic hit, now questions his retail space vs. online and tries to understand what government intervention will mean for his business.

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    Humble Beginnings

    What is the best route to take when trying to get a business off the ground? Abe Susman, an employee of a pet cemetery, has some big ideas to do just that.

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    Against All Odds

    Linda Chamberlain founded the largest cryonics organization in America in the 1970’s. In this episode, we learn about how she took an idea that seemed crazy, and made it into a successful business.

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    Rapid Growth

    One day, Steph Mantis dipped a slice of pizza in resin for an art project. Then, thanks to the internet’s pizza obsession, her life changed forever.

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    Their business was putting stress on Jess Mah and her co-founder’s relationship—so instead of hiring a consultant, they went to couples therapy. And it was there that Jess found the strength to go it alone.

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    Alex Reza

    For Alex Reza, taking his first music lesson at the age of 41 changed everything. With the support of his family, he left a 23-year career in the postal service, moved to Nebraska, and realized that he was born to make violins.