Featured Integrations: May 2017

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Here at Mailchimp, we’re passionate about music. In fact, we love music so much that we even started our own internal radio station so we can all live out our secret dream of being a disc jockey for a day. Many of us play in a band or have a musical side project we dedicate our free time to, so we understand how hard it can be to get your voice heard as a musician. This month, we’re highlighting integrations to help you generate more ticket and merchandise sales or spread the word about your next performance, album release, or world tour.


Eventbrite is an event management tool you can use to create, manage, promote, and sell out your next gig. With our integration, you can automatically sync and update attendee data to your Mailchimp list as folks RSVP to events. Then, use the information you’ve collected to send campaigns about upcoming events to past attendees, or advertise your merchandise to your most loyal fans. The integration even pulls purchase data for attendees, so you can create a post-purchase automation that sends after someone purchases a ticket.

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Whether you’re the lead singer of an 80s hair metal cover band, a popular local DJ, or anything in between, your fans are probably eager to show their support by purchasing your music or merch. Mailchimp for WooCommerce gives you the power to quickly set up an online store and manage purchase data for everyone you email through Mailchimp. Want to showcase those stylish new t-shirts you designed? How about that brand new LP you’ve spent the past few months working on? Our WooCommerce integration makes it easy to feature your merchandise, recommend products from your store that your fans will love, or re-engage people who leave your site without completing a purchase.

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Contests from Rewards Fuel

A giveaway or contest can be a great way to create a buzz around your band, merch, or upcoming performances. Contests from Rewards Fuel is an integration for creating free contests that can help you grow your list and social media audiences. Convert your existing fans into influencers by encouraging them to share social media posts, or reach new fans and concert-goers.

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Have an exclusive upcoming release that you only want to share with a few select music blogs? Are you looking to share a super-secret track with your biggest fans? Our Digioh integration makes it easy to share files with your Mailchimp subscribers. With Digioh, you have full control of the files that you’ve shared—if a recipient forwards your email along to a non-subscriber, they can either be locked out or asked to subscribe to your list before downloading the file. And since you can track every download, you’ll always know who’s listening to your music and who might need a follow up email for a bit more encouragement.

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