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For small businesses, having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram matters. When we ask customers what they think is the easiest way to promote their brand, the number 1 answer we get is social media.

We know social media can be a crowded, meme-filled maze where you have to keep posting to stay top of mind. We decided to build our own organic social posting product to make consistently sharing good content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter simple and easy.

But there’s more to social media marketing than just creating eye-catching posts.

In Mailchimp, you can seamlessly combine your social posts with all the marketing you already do. Plus, you’ve got everything you need to create engaging content right at your fingertips:

But there's more to social media than just creating eye-catching posts. It's about engaging your fans and turning them into contacts by driving them to your other marketing channels—like a landing page where they can sign up to hear more from you. With Mailchimp, you can create and manage it all in one place.

Create engaging posts to help you reach people across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Posting good content to your social media followers often feels like a balancing act. People on Instagram expect to see high-quality product photos, while your Twitter followers might be looking for you to start a conversation about a topic they care about.

When you use Mailchimp for organic social posting, you can craft 3 distinct posts within 1 social campaign. Choose where you want to share your content with a simple toggle switch, and we’ll give you the image and copy requirements you need to create beautiful, engaging posts.

What we really love about our social posting feature is that you don’t even need to switch devices to post to Instagram.
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What we really love about our social posting feature is that you don’t even need to switch devices to post to Instagram. We know a lot of our customers like to do their design work on desktop, and switching to a mobile device just to share something on Instagram takes too much time.

Turn your insights into even more successful posts

Knowing what types of posts will perform better on different social networks is key to getting more engagement and reaching more people. With our social performance reports, you can easily keep track of the total number of unique people and impressions your campaign has received as a whole, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you post to Facebook, Instagram, or both, your performance report shows you how people are engaging with your product images on those channels and what messages speak to them. We’re working on bringing you reporting for your tweets, but you can still keep track of how they’re performing from Twitter.

You can also use insights from all the marketing activities you do in Mailchimp to help you figure out what content will perform best on social media (and other channels). Because organic social posting helps you build deeper relationships with your Mailchimp contacts across different channels, repurposing content from your top-performing emails is an easy way to spread your marketing message in more places.

Creating your social posts and emails in the same place helps keep your messaging consistent. Plus, the 2 channels work nicely together. Invite your contacts to follow your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more by including social follow content blocks in your emails. You can even use your social posts to remind contacts about an email you recently sent or drive people to visit a landing page.

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Stay tuned: There’s still more to come for social posting

Up next: We’re working on adding scheduled posts, so you can stay active on social (even if you’re low on time) and never have to worry about forgetting to post.

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