Marketing Lingo Crash Course

Follow this guide to learn all about key marketing terms, approaches and which experts to hire to bring a marketing strategy to life

Mailchimp partners cover a wide range of marketing specialities. They can boost open rates, grow your audiences, elevate your website, and they make it all look easy. Although these Mailchimp-certified pros excel at translating your goals into reality, sometimes it can feel like marketers are speaking a different language. Even if you're not planning to become a marketing expert yourself, having a basic knowledge of marketing lingo can help you articulate what you need help with when bringing in a pro. Our partners have worked with businesses of all ages and stages, and they’re more than happy to explain marketing terms and practices. But we know that you might want to hit the ground running. So, we’ve put together the following intros to common marketing terms, which you can browse in any order, at any time. Soon, you’ll be speaking fluent marketer.

Select what you’d like to brush up on:

Marketing Talk 101

If you are interested in learning the basics of the Mailchimp platform, please visit Mailchimp 101, our comprehensive guide to everything we do. Here, at Marketing Talk 101, we want to help you understand more general marketing terminology. We detail the meanings of words like brief, funnel, metric, scope, and more.

Email Marketer Speak 102

Here, we dig deeper into the intricacies of email marketing. This is a broad topic, so we’ll help you get started by understanding key terms such as automations, integrations, campaigns and customer journeys. Do you find the various rates confusing, such as open, click-through, conversion and bounce? Not to worry, we’re here to help clarify what is what.

Hiring Help 103

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to achieve, but you’re not quite sure who you need to hire to get those desired results. Let us help you figure out what professional skill set you need, including what various job titles mean, what different certifications to keep an eye out for and how to discern a freelancer or agency’s speciality.

Marketing Acronyms 104

Did you just hear a sentence that sounded like a jumble of letters? Are you nervous about having your first call with a partner and hitting a wall of acronyms? Many pros speak in plain language. But either way, we’ve decoded some of the most common marketing acronyms and catchphrases, so you’re no longer guessing what CTA, CRM and WOM mean.

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