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Mailchimp offers three pricing plans: Forever Free, Monthly, and Pay As You Go. Our Monthly Plan is ideal for frequent senders who have outgrown the Forever Free plan, or who want to use paid features to better engage their contacts.

In this article, you'll learn about the Monthly Plan and how it works.


Someone who has opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns. Also referred to as a subscribed contact. Mailchimp also stores your unsubscribed, non-subscribed, and cleaned contacts, but they are not included in your total subscriber count.

Unsubscribed contact
Someone who was opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns, but isn't currently.

Non-subscribed contact
Someone who has interacted with your online store, but hasn't opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns.

Cleaned contact
A non-deliverable email address. Hard bounces, as well as repeated soft bounces, become cleaned addresses.

Transactional email
A one-to-one email triggered by a contact's behavior. Receipts, shipping confirmations, and password resets are examples of transactional emails.

Each email sent to an individual subscriber counts as one send. For example, one campaign sent to 2,000 subscribers equals 2,000 sends.

How Monthly Plans Work

Mailchimp's Monthly Plan is designed for users who have more than 2,000 subscribers and send at least once a month. It's also a great option for users who have fewer than 2,000 subscribers but send frequently or want access to paid features.

Regular Senders

If you have 52,000 subscribers or fewer, monthly billing is based on your total subscriber count, and you can send unlimited email campaigns. Mailchimp automatically adjusts your billing tier as your audience grows and shrinks, based on your highest subscriber total across all audiences over the previous billing cycle.

High-Volume Senders

If you have more than 52,000 subscribers, you are considered a high-volume sender, and monthly billing is based on both your subscriber count and send volume. Your send limit equals 12 times the maximum number of subscribers in a tier.

Any time you exceed your send limit, you'll automatically rise to the appropriate pricing tier. Any attempted campaign send counts toward your limit, including emails that bounced or were stopped due to compliance review. We also count recurring campaign sends, such as automation and RSS emails toward your send limit. Signup form response emails do not count toward sends.

Duplicate Addresses

Mailchimp treats each audience in your account as a completely separate entity, and counts each subscriber toward your total subscriber count. Duplicate subscribers are included in your total subscriber count. For example, if a subscriber's email address appears on three different audiences, it is counted three times.

Transactional Addresses

Unsubscribed and non-subscribed contacts will count toward your monthly bill if they’ve received a transactional email in the past 30 days. If one of these contacts receives an email, your total subscriber count will increase. However, we will only count a transactional recipient once per billing cycle no matter how many emails they receive, or how many audiences they're in.

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Monthly Pricing Tiers

To see a complete chart of Monthly Plan pricing tiers and send limits, check out our Pricing page.

Billing occurs on the same day each month, based on the date that you started the Monthly Plan. To receive a lower monthly billing rate, maintain a lower pricing tier's subscriber count or sends total for an entire billing cycle. The lower rate will appear on your next bill.

Pause Billing

Monthly Plan users can pause the billing on an account up to two times per year. This ends your monthly billing cycle and disables sending privileges, and will also pause sending for automations and RSS campaigns. However, it leaves your account open so you can continue to edit your campaigns, templates, and audiences, and view your reports. When you're ready to unpause your account, we'll ask you to choose a plan that meets your sending needs before we reactivate sending. The date that you unpause your account will be the new monthly billing date.

Pause Monthly Billing

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