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Launching a Business

Navigating the uncertainty of starting a business? Stop and get directions here.

  • Business Tips

    Establishing and Maintaining Brand Consistency

    In this guide, you’ll learn what brand consistency is, how to achieve it, and why it benefits your business.

  • Topic Explainer

    Branding Your Online Business

    Branding sets your business apart from competitors. Learn what it is, what goes into it, and how to do it.

  • Topic Explainer

    Confused by marketing acronyms? You’re not alone

    Sometimes, looking at a marketing document is a bit like looking into a bowl of Alphabet soup. We’ve decoded some of the most common marketing acronyms, so you’re no longer guessing what terms like CTA, CRM and WOM mean.

  • Topic Explainer

    Marketing Lingo Crash Course

    Follow this guide to learn all about key marketing terms, approaches and which experts to hire to bring your marketing strategy to life

  • Topic Explainer

    Marketing Talk 101

    Never feel mystified in a marketing meeting again. We'll decode some commonly used terms, such as brief, funnel, and scope.

  • Topic Explainer

    Competitor Analysis: What It Is and How to Conduct One

    Competitor analysis can set your business up for success. Learn why it's important and how to conduct research in 6 steps.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Cortney Gusick

    After losing her father, Cortney Gusick left Silicon Valley and is now transforming the deathcare space from a toxic industry into something more environmentally friendly, through Pāhiki eco-caskets.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Efrem Fesaha

    For 6 years, Efrem Fesaha hid his Eritrean identity to fit into a stifling corporate industry. After a trip to his homeland , an idea to build a coffee shop rooted in Eritrean tradition began to percolate.

  • Mailchimp Presents

    Gretchen Bayless

    After 25 years of countless doctors, Gretchen Bayless was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Once diagnosed, she decided to regain her sense of independence and start Roamerica, a campervan rental company in the Pacific Northwest.