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Mailchimp's pricing plans and paid features give you powerful tools that support your marketing needs. Here's what you can expect when you purchase a pricing plan or paid add-on from Mailchimp.

In this article, we'll answer common questions about our pricing plans, billing, and discounts.

About Pricing Plans

Mailchimp offers three different types of pricing plans: Forever Free, Pay As You Go, and Monthly.

In this section, we'll answer common questions about our pricing plans.

Forever Free Plan

Are there sending limits with the Forever Free Plan?

Yes. On the Forever Free Plan, you're allowed 2,000 sends per 24 hours, but we limit Forever Free accounts to 12,000 sends per billing cycle.

Can I add sending credits to the Forever Free Plan?

No. Credits are only used on Pay As You Go Plans, and cannot be purchased to supplement the Forever Free Plan.

Can I keep my Forever Free Plan campaign sends if I upgrade my account?

No. When you upgrade to a paid plan, any remaining Forever Free campaign sends will not be carried over. Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you'll immediately gain access to new features and the new subscriber and sending allowances.

Pay As You Go Plan

How many Pay As You Go credits do I need to send to my list?

Credits are like postage stamps. You need one credit for each subscriber you send to, and one credit for each test email you send.

Can I get a refund for my unused credits?

No. We do not provide refunds for unused Pay As You Go credits, unless a system malfunction caused a problem.

Am I charged for emails that hard bounce?

Yes. You are charged for each email address you send to, including those that hard bounce. After you send, we process and move bounced addresses to the cleaned portion of your list, so they won't bounce again.

Monthly Plan

I just upgraded to a Monthly Plan, when will I be billed?

Billing starts on the date that you begin the Monthly Plan and recurs on the same day each month. If you upgrade from a Pay As You Go Plan, any remaining credits will be converted to MonkeyRewards and will be applied to your monthly bill.

How is the subscriber total calculated for a Monthly Plan?

We use the highest number of active list subscribers over the past billing cycle to calculate your monthly charge. As your list grows and shrinks over time, we'll automatically adjust your bill.

Each email address on the active subscribers portion of your list counts toward your subscriber total. If the same email address is stored in multiple lists, it will count toward your subscriber total each time it appears.

Am I charged for cleaned and unsubscribed addresses?

No. Addresses on the cleaned and unsubscribed portions of your list do not count toward your subscriber total and are not counted in your bill.

I reduced my subscriber total, why was my bill higher?

To see a reduction in your bill, the subscriber count must be reduced for one full billing cycle leading up to your charge date. If you remove subscribers in the middle of a billing cycle, you won't see a reduction in charges until after the next full billing cycle.

Will billing on the Monthly Plan continue even if I'm not using the account?

Yes. We will continue to generate your monthly bill even if you aren't actively using your account. If you need to, you can pause billing or downgrade to a Forever Free Plan.

If I remove all my subscribers, will monthly billing stop?

No. Removing your subscribers will not stop monthly billing. However, monthly billing can be stopped in a few other ways: pause billing on the account, downgrade to the Forever Free Plan, switch to a Pay As You Go Plan, or delete the account entirely.

Can I pause billing on my account?

Yes. When you pause billing, we'll put a hold on your monthly billing cycle. You won't be charged until you restart your account. While billing is paused, sending privileges are disabled, but you can still access your account, campaigns, and list data.

Pause Monthly Billing

Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes. If you're on a paid plan and have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can downgrade to the Forever Free Plan. However, you can only downgrade once over the life of your account. For this reason, we will not downgrade your plan automatically. You need to make this change in the account yourself.

Downgrade to the Forever Free Plan

What happens to my automations and RSS campaigns when my account is paused or my payment method is declined?

Your automations and RSS campaigns are paused and sending is disabled. The recipients of your emails will wait in each queue until you unpause billing or update the payment method. Once billing has been re-established, you'll need resume each automation or email campaign to reactivate sending.

Pause and Resume Emails

Reactivate an RSS Campaign

What happens if I exceed the number of sends on my Monthly Plan?

If you exceed the number of email campaign sends allotted in a billing cycle, we'll automatically upgrade your pricing plan to one that meets the sending needs of your account.

Do you have a high-volume plan?

No, but our Monthly Plan accommodates high-volume senders. If you exceed 52,000 subscribers, we'll calculate your Monthly Plan bill based on both your subscriber count and send volume.

About Billing

In this section, we'll answer common questions about billing.

Can I combine pricing plans?

No. Each pricing plan carries its own subscriber or sending limits, so they can't be combined or altered.

Can I pay my invoice on a quarterly basis?

No. We determine your charges by your monthly usage, which allows us to bill only for what you use. For this reason, we can't accommodate quarterly, semiannual, or annual payments. Pay As You Go Plan users can buy credits in bulk at any time.

Can I get a copy of a receipt?

Yes. Receipts are stored in the Billing History section of your account. From there, you can print or email a copy of each receipt.
View Billing Statements

Can I remove my credit card from my account?

Yes. You can change or remove the payment method on your account at any time.

Remove Payment Method

Can I remove the MonkeyRewards badge from my email campaigns?

This depends on your plan type. Users on the Forever Free Plan are required to include the MonkeyRewards badge in the campaign footer. If you are currently on a Monthly Plan or Pay As You Go Plan, you can remove the MonkeyRewards badge.

Add or Remove MonkeyRewards

Can I get a W-9 or 6166 tax form?

To download a W-9 form or Certification of U.S. Tax Residency form in your Mailchimp account, visit the Billing History page and click on a previous receipt. Each receipt contains links to our W-9 form and United States Residency Certificate. Scroll to the end of the page and click Looking for our W-9? or Looking for our United States Residency Certificate?

About Discounts

In this section, we'll answer common questions about discounts.

What other discounts does Mailchimp offer?

Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities, and a 10% security discount for 3 months when all Admin and Owner logins enable two-factor authentication on your Mailchimp account. Learn how to enable two-factor authentication with an authentication app or SMS text message.

About Mailchimp Discounts

How are discounts applied to my account?

Discounts are applied to each purchase individually. If your account has more than one discount, we'll apply the first discount to the purchase total and apply the second discount to the remaining balance.

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