How to Carry Holiday Momentum into the New Year

5 easy ways to turn holiday successes into new year wins.

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You’ve gotten a lot done this holiday season! And thanks to all that hard work, you gained new customers, sold lots of stuff, and kept your team inspired throughout the busiest time of year. Way to go out there.

And what better way to celebrate than to prepare yourself for easy successes in the year ahead? With these quick steps, you can turn your holiday momentum into 2020 victories.

1. Send a postcard to invite holiday shoppers back into your store.

The holidays are a prime time to build your relationships with customers new and old, and that still applies at the start of a new year. One way to do that is by creating a segment based on purchase date. For example, everyone who bought something from you between Thanksgiving and the end of December. Then, say thank you with a postcard that invites them back into your store with a promo code or special offer.

2. Bring back lost shoppers with Google Remarketing ads.

Of course, not all holiday shoppers who visit your site buy something. (It’s an easy season for getting distracted, after all.) You can bring back the ones who got away with Google remarketing ads. These ads, targeted at people who visited your site, appear all across the web to entice them back into your store.

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3. Re-engage lapsed shoppers with a customer re-engagement automation.

Some customers may not have made it into your store at all this holiday season, but that’s okay. You can encourage them to come see all the new stuff you have with a customer re-engagment automation. These emails, sent automatically to people who purchased something from you in the past, result in more orders than a bulk email. It’s as easy as connecting your store, designing one email, and letting the automation do the rest.

4. Use CRM tools to organize your audience and learn more about them.

After lots of new people join your audience during the holidays, it’s important to learn more about them so you can target them with smarter marketing. Mailchimp makes it easy to organize your audience into segments, add tags to your contacts, send personalized messages, and even learn about a contact individually.

It’s worth the effort, too. Targeted campaigns help you send more relevant messages to the right people, which leads to better open rates. Start by organizing people based on what makes sense for your business and your goals. You might talk to your biggest fans by creating a segment based on purchase likelihood. Or you can thank the customers who left you positive feedback by tagging them. The possibilities are as vast as your audience is unique.

5. Celebrate all you did this season and how you’ll improve in the next.

Whether you’re someone who makes New Year’s resolutions or not, the end of the holiday season is a good time to think about what worked and what didn’t. Congratulate staff members who went above and beyond. Using a product follow-up email, collect reviews from holiday shoppers to use on your site and in your future campaigns. Check your Mailchimp reports to see what people really liked. With the last year in mind, think about your vision for the year to come. And once you’ve done all of that, we recommend taking a well-deserved break. Restore yourself to keep the wins coming in the next year.