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Customer Journey starting points

Choose how your customer's journey starts

Determine who begins a Customer Journey. Then, deliver relevant experiences that drive engagement.

Select a starting point such as a Date or Special Event

What are starting points?

Starting points mark the beginning of a customer's journey. They help you target customers based on what they like and how they interact with your business. With more than 20 starting points to choose from, Mailchimp can help you can send customers down the right paths and meet your business goals.

Grow your sales revenue

Recover lost sales, turn new shoppers into lifers, and more. With starting points, you can engage customers based on how they interact—or don’t—with your e-commerce store.

  • Send order notifications

    Send order confirmations, invoices, shipping updates, and more. Once you add your branding and turn these on, they send automatically when someone makes a purchase.

  • Recover abandoned carts

    69% of shoppers abandoned their carts before checking out. Use pre-built abandoned cart emails to get shoppers back into their cart to purchase.

  • Follow up on purchases

    Get feedback or recommend similar products after someone makes a purchase. You can even reward your best customers with special offers and discounts to encourage them to buy again.

Send the right content to the right people

These customer journey starting points help you turn audience engagement into more relevant marketing and better results.

Welcome new contacts

Personally welcome signups with no personal effort. Create a welcome journey that builds deeper relationships and brings your brand to life.

Reach your most engaged customers

Send targeted messages based on your customers’ preferences. Stay top of mind with your active customers while finding creative ways to engage your inactive ones.

Keep your biggest fans updated

Deliver your latest brand news and blog posts directly to your customers’ inboxes. Just pick the day and time you want to send, we’ll handle the rest.


Celebrate and support your customers

These Customer Journey starting points help you send relevant messages during important moments, from appointments to events to celebrations.

  • Event reminders

    Get your customers the crucial information they need—like directions or login codes—ahead of a workshop or fundraiser you're hosting. They’ll thank you later.

  • Celebrate milestones

    Send personalized messages that celebrate big moments, from anniversaries to membership renewals to birthdays.

  • Following up

    Tell people about similar upcoming events, ask for feedback, and more. There are lots of ways to engage event attendees once the event is over.

Behavior-based automations for developers

Identify behavioral data that’s important to your business, then bring that data into Mailchimp. Our API makes it easy to connect with your users. Reach them at key moments, then send them a targeted message personalized for those moments.

Bring in more data, drive more growth with our integrations

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Ready to build a Customer Journey?

No matter what conversations you want to have with your customers, we've got the starting points to get them going.

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